The Maxim Party – Super Bowl 2010

In its fifth year of producing Maxim Magazine’s ultimate Super Bowl event, TK New York headed back to Miami Beach and vintage Raleigh Hotel. Captivated by the Raleigh’s story, TK New York and Maxim Magazine took the Raleigh back to its prime in the 1950s.  Highlighting the best of the Raleigh’s personality, the event was split into two decors, 1950s glam and 1950s beach blanket bingo.

Hosting 8 sponsors, the event integrated unique experiences pertinent to each sponsor.  One experience that will forever stick in the minds of our guests is the major action stunt that was developed for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell by TK New York. The stunt consisted of 3 stuntmen repelling down the exterior of the Raleigh, pyrotechnics, and ended with a faux karate fight in the center of the party. TK New York designed an equally memorable experience for each and every sponsor including a custom chandelier made of Samsung TVs. Gorgeous models were stationed as a part of each experience with their custom branded 1950’s romper or bathing suit.

DJ Vice and Jermaine Dupri graced the turn tables while up-and-coming hit makers, LMFAO, graced the giant staged that was constructed in the beach area of the Raleigh’s backyard. Celebrities such as LL Cool J, the Waynes brothers, Nick Lachey, Vanessa Minnillo, Nelly, Audrina Partridge, Ed Westwick, Jessica Zhor, Tom Arnold, and many more were partying up in the VIP area as well as VIP cabanas.

Despite being back in Miami, TK New York was able to create and entirely new event experience for Maxim’s guests. Revamped and renewed, the Maxim’s Super Bowl party continues to get better and better with each passing year.