Sports Museum of America Opening Week

When recruited to produce three events for the opening of the Sports Museum of America, TK New York was challenged to create an environment that reflected a consistent theme through all events while creating a unique feel for each one.  Starting with decor and adding elements at each event allowed every evening to have its own personality.  Using different sets of furniture to change the seating design each night, and various light configurations, the room moved from the afternoon family affair to a cocktail party and finally a gala night out at the museum.

The first event was dedicated to friends and family of the museum and featured cupcakes, pennants, museum tours and traditional cocktail seating arrangements where guests could socialize before and after their ticketed museum tour.

The second event was a cocktail party for museum investors and partners. Guests were also encouraged to tour the museum and founders toasting the opening of the building gave speeches.  TK New York partnered with Restaurant Associates to provide guests with custom cocktails and themed party food.

The third and final event was the opening night Gala. This event saw the likes of Michael Strahan, John Starks, Allen Houston, Bruce Jenner, Kerri Strug, Martina Navratalova and Molly Simms walk the 40ft red carpet swarmed with press. Athletes and guests alike danced the night away to The Stingers. This 13-piece band featured various singers and musicians throughout the evening and stopped only for the president’s toast.