Roca Patrón: Roca on the Rails


TK New York partnered with Patrón to bring their Roca on the Rails train tour to six cities across the country. The TK New York team produced intimate dinner and cocktail parties on the train platforms next to Patron’s private rail car, which was built in 1927. Guests were able to explore the train throughout the night to take photos and network with other guests. TK New York hand-selected and worked closely with mixologists and chefs in each market to give the guests delicious Roca Patrón cocktails that were purposefully paired with uniquely crafted hors d’oeuvre and dinner menus. These intimate events enabled the brand to introduce the Roca Patrón product line to key, local accounts and taste makers in an elegant and personal way. Guests were thrilled to be a part of the festivities, and they raved about the originality of the Roca on the Rails experience.